Friday, 27 January 2012

10 Weeks to Go!

The Big Day is Almost Here!

There are only 70 more days until mine and h2b’s wedding. It’s like a dream! I can’t believe the wedding is almost here!

There is still so much to be done!

H2b has had to stop making the photo booth because of his awful cough. He can’t be outside working in the cold while he’s not feeling well.

booth 5

The photo booth is currently just the frame, but that’s ok.

We are continuing our dance lessons. H2b is a street dancer, and I didn’t want to look like an idiot dancing with him so we’re having a few lessons to make our wedding dance more than swaying around the dance floor.

The lessons are going okay although I keep stepping on h2b’s feet! I am not a natural waltzer!

I have arranged where everyone is going to sit but I haven’t started making the seating plan yet. I’m not entirely sure how big the table plan is going to be. I’ve got some Styrofoam board and a frame, but I’m not sure if the two fit together.

the plan

I’ve bought some card from Hobby Craft to start thinking about putting the plan together. I may have to pop to Hobby Craft and get another frame that’ll fit the foam board.

Thinking aloud here.

I’m still waiting to hear back from the dress shop to see if they’re going to measure me for the alterations on my dress.

It’s my hen weekend in a few weeks which I cannot wait for! And while h2b is away on his stag do, I’m going to be taking my bridesmaids to be measured for dress alterations.

DSCF2804 small

I’m really looking forward to seeing my bridesmaids in their dresses, I think they’re going to look fantastic!

Around the same time, h2b is going to arrange for the gents to be measured for their suits! I can’t wait to see what the grooms men look like standing next to the bridesmaids.

At some point in the next 10 weeks we’re going to meet with our photographer to have an engagement shoot. I’m really looking forward to that as many of my readers will know, h2b and I are obsessed with photography!

I need to let the chair covers people know how many chairs we need and confirm everything with the florist.

We are attending marriage classes at the church, which I’ll blog about separately but that’s going really well now. We have a good giggle about the silly people in the video but at the same time we’re having really good chats about our relationship.

Things are falling into place!

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