Monday, 2 January 2012

Our Photo Booth

The Construction Begins!

This is very exciting, h2b has started building the photo booth! He’s collected together all the parts for his booth and construction began yesterday!

I have said before how important I feel photos are of a wedding. They are something you can keep for generations to show your children and your grandchildren. Photographs are a time capsule, they show everyone what it was like when we got married.

So, for a few extra photos h2b is making the booth! It was a fantastic success at my friend’s wedding.

photobooth 1

H2b had initially planned for the booth to bend in the middle for easy transportation, but that was making things a lot more complicated.


H2b collected a lot of plywood to make the wall and some smaller pieces for a frame to support the wall. There are three pieces that will form the main wall and then a frame will go behind.


H2b set up all his tools before he got started. He decided to make the booth in the garage, it’s got a fairly bright light and offered a bit of space.

booth 3

My dad and h2b worked together on the project. On this photo, they are cutting off the corners at an angle so that the frame would fit together a bit better.

booth 4

H2b asked Dad to help him screw in a few of the corners so that they would be fixed together securely. It was starting to take shape!

booth 5

H2b placed a support beam across the middle  to hold everything in place but I think he was really pleased with what he built! It’s looking good, starting to come together!

booth 6

In this photo, h2b is measuring all the sides to check that everything is the right length. Everything is taking shape!

booth 7

The boards aren’t pinned on at this point, h2b just wanted to show me how big the booth is going to be and what it’s going to look like. It’s having a skirting board and a dado rail to add a bit of detail.

booth 8

H2b wanted to see what the frames looked like in these positions, but we think the frame on the right is too big so we’re going to change that one. It looks like it’s going to be heaps of fun!

What h2b needs to do next is cut the holes in the boards where the frames are going to be, put the wall pieces together, wall paper the wall and fix it to the frame.

Then we’d put up the frames that have pictures in them and it’s all finished! I’ve got props and friends are lending us some of their props, it’s almost all sorted!


When I’ve got a few more photos together, I’ll do a proper how to guide to help other brides and grooms who may want to make their own booths.

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