Sunday, 8 January 2012

Wedding Arch Ideas

A Grand Entrance

I always wanted an arch of flowers as our entrance to the ceremony. I thought it would look beautiful, dramatic and add a touch of romance and magic to our wedding day.

I also thought that we couldn’t afford it.

However, a floral arch could be cheaper than you think. The church flower lady offered us a floral arch at a fraction of the price I expected it to be.

The floral arch could have any flowers you want on it, although remember that the more expensive the flowers are the more the arch will cost.

floral arch 1

picture from To Love and

In the UK you can only get married outside if it’s in a permanent free standing structure, like a gazebo (at the time of this post) so we can’t get married under a wedding arch as they do abroad, so most of the wedding arches I looked into surrounded doorways.

arch 1 arch 2
arch 3 arch 4

Your florist will be the best to give you some advice about your floral arch. Ask them about their previous work and ask what they could do to fit within your budget.

I was pleasantly surprised that we could afford one!

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