Monday, 16 January 2012

Wedding Rings

A Recent Purchase

When h2b and I got engaged, he gave me a blue Tiffany box to keep my ring in. I really want my ring to stay clean and nice so I keep it in it’s box.

I was thinking about the wedding rings and I wanted to put them in a little box to keep them safe and clean and nice, too.

ring box

I’ve been looking around for different ring boxes. The exact one I wanted was in the back of a wedding magazine but I haven’t managed to see it again! The lid could be engraved with your names and the date of your wedding but I haven’t managed to see that one again since.

I found this wedding ring box on Amazon and I liked the idea. It was cheap and in the Amazon sale.

The box arrived in quite large packaging with a fair amount of safety paper to keep it nice in the post.

ring box2

I’d really wanted a box that I could engrave with the date of our wedding but our wedding rings have the date engraved on them so that should be enough really.

Inside the box the ring box came from, the box was wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a bag to keep it extra safe.

ring box3 

I was quite impressed with the extent of packaging that the company who sent the ring box felt was necessary. It did turn up in pristine condition!

The box has room in it for three rings, considering that many bridal wedding rings are smaller than groom’s rings.

ring box4

I’ve put in some rings that I had at home to demonstrate how I would use the ring box. I wonder what our real wedding rings will look like in there.

I have also bought some books for the kids to play with during the wedding so I will show you those when they arrive.

Next on the list is to send the cake topper lady all the information for the wedding so that she can make our cake toppers!

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