Tuesday, 24 January 2012

For the Kiddies

I May Use This at Work

We only have a few children at our wedding but we wanted to keep them entertained.

Unfortunately, our funds couldn’t stretch to a magician or a child’s entertainer but we could buy some really lovely books!

I didn’t go to many weddings as a child, but I can imagine that they can get a bit dull for children. At one family wedding I attended as an 11 yr old, I remember documenting in my diary how drunk everyone was behaving!

kids book 1

The book I bought for the children at our wedding (five in total) is a Something to Keep You Happy book. I bought these ones from Amazon, as you’ll notice I do quite a bit.

The wedding version of the Something To Keep You Happy book is actually quite good if you have a child aged roughly 8 – 10 yrs old but there are elements in the books suitable for children younger, which is good because two of the children attending the wedding will be under 5.

kids book 2 

The ‘what’s in the box’ page allows children to draw a picture and keep a record of what they found in their favours box. Other pages let them decorate a wedding cake, design wedding clothes for a bride and groom and colour in a picture.

For the older children…

kids book 3

… there are word searches, reading games, cyphers and writing games. The older children will be able to help the younger children and if not, the younger children have colouring in.

There are games to play with adults and team playing games, all on the colourful pages in the book.

kids book 1

To help the children use the books, I have also ordered five little boxes of pencils, also from Amazon. They were only 75p each (plus P&P) and I thought they were quite good.

I was really pleased with the books, and they have inspired me to think of ideas for the children in my class when we do the ‘wedding’ topic just before Easter.

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