Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Groom

Your Groom and Your Day

H2b and I have been discussing how the day would go, and he was asking me where people would need to stand, what time he needs to arrive because he’s not been involved in a British wedding before.

my wedding inspiration

While h2b and I have attended a lot of weddings, and I’ve been a bridesmaid in a few, the actual logistics of who goes where hasn’t really come up before.

So, in a typical British wedding, who does what?

In this post, I’m going to be focusing on the groom but I’ll do a post later in the year detailing what bridesmaids and ushers and even the bride needs to be doing at a certain time.

It’s important to remember that all weddings are different and there is nothing you have to do in your wedding. My guide will give you a rough idea of how you may want your wedding to go and you can adjust it to your timings and preferences.

The Groom

The Ceremony

On the morning of our wedding, h2b will wake up (assuming he got any sleep that night) and have his breakfast, probably. Once dressed, he would head over to the church.

sophie 1

Once at the church, I’m hoping that someone will deliver the boutonnieres to the church so h2b, the ushers and his family can put on their boutonnieres. H2b will then spend his time greeting guests and saying hello to everyone, trying not to look incredibly nervous.

Once everyone is seated and ready, I will make my big entrance. The organist will play the processional and all the guests will stand up.

bride aisle

The bridesmaids will walk down the aisle first and take up their seats at the front on the left as I’ll begin to walk down the aisle.

In British weddings, only the bride and groom stand at the front with the vicar and the bridal party joins the congregation with the exception of the best man who initially sits at the front with the groom.

bride and groom

After the ceremony and the signing of the register, the organist will play the recessional music and h2b and I will walk down the aisle. After some photos we will get in our classic car and head off to the venue for some more photos and the wedding breakfast.

The Reception

After the photos h2b and I are going to have a receiving line. A receiving line isn’t for everyone, but h2b and I have so many different family members and friends that we haven’t met yet, a receiving line is a fantastic way to make sure you say hello to everyone on your big day! I’ve only been to two weddings that have had a receiving line, they’re going out of fashion now, but I’d like to have one.

receiving line

picture from youdiddidn’

This is our current plan for how our wedding is going to go. It will probably change as time goes on, but with only 3 months to go, our plans are starting to be finalised!

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