Sunday, 22 January 2012

The Table Plan

The Table Plan is Done!

(subject to change)

I had decided that this weekend was the weekend that the table plan was going to be done!

H2b and I made the decision to place our friends and family with people that they know. It’s quite traditional for weddings to mix up the guests so that your friends could be sitting with your cousins or with other people they don’t know.

H2b and I quickly decided we didn’t want that. A number of our friends and family don’t see each other very often and our wedding will be a chance for our guests to have a bit of a catch up, so we’ve decided to put people who know each other together, as much as we can.

Personally, I’m more likely to relax and have fun if I’m on a table with people I know.

Our Table Plan

I’m a very tactile person, and I just wasn’t able to visualise the table plan using the online software. I scrapped the computer and went old school. We started with cutting out the tables.


I also cut out name tabs, blue for boys and pink for girls so that we could instantly see who is sitting where.

We used the menu choices to write out the name tabs so that we wouldn’t miss anyone. We tried to pair couples together, families together and we wanted to group together people who know each other.

paper tabs

We piled up all the tabs ready to write the names on. (Hopefully we gave the right people the right colour!)

After sorting people into groups of who knows each other, we started with the top table, as that was the easiest! We have already arranged who is sitting on the top table!

top table

That was the easiest part. Then we had to find seats for 91 people!

lots of people

It was actually really difficult to know where to start! Who do you seat at a wedding breakfast first? Our parents were already placed on the top table so who was next?

We finally decided to seat our brothers and sisters next. Some of them have children so that was good to make sure they were seated too.

We then seated some other children near our nieces and nephews and their parents. That formed the back bones of the seating plan. After that, we were on a roll and it was much easier to place guests on the seating plan!

We were on a roll!

it's done

We haven’t put anyone into their absolute final seats just yet. It got to a stressful point of just wanting the people at a table, we will sort out who sits next to whom later on. The main thing is that everyone has somewhere to eat their wedding breakfast!

the plan

I can not stress enough how difficult it is to do a seating plan. We have done our absolute best to try to seat people together, but it’s not always possible.

I would say that without a doubt, the most stressful part of the wedding is seating everyone together.

The most important part of the wedding to us (except for marrying each other) is that everyone has fun. Our main emphasis when thinking about the table plan is to create a good atmosphere. Hopefully, if guests are sitting with friends that will create a very fun atmosphere. With the drinks flowing, we will definitely have a fantastic time!


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