Monday, 29 August 2011

Your Loo Basket

Emergency Toilet Basket

We have all had a ladder in our tights. We have all had sudden blisters and been in need of a hair pin. Your emergency toilet basket will be a life saver for your guests and for you. But what to put in it?

bathroom basket

Essentials for the Ladies

Essentials for the Men

Do You Need a Toilet Basket?

One bride says, ‘Guests need to be able to wash and dry their hands. That's it. You are not responsible for supplying every hygiene product they might need; they're adults, they should have that covered already.’

Another says, ‘In my opinion, this is a frivolous waste of money. I never heard of such a thing! I will not do such a thing. All that matters is that we get married and have fun. Years from now, no one is going to be saying, "remember the bathroom baskets"? Instead, they will be saying, "remember how much fun we had, and the food was great".’

bathroom basket 2

My friend had a toilet basket at her wedding, and I remember it! I thought it was a really useful touch! When my hair started to fall out of place (not sure why that happened although there was a lot of alcohol involved) I found it really useful that my friend had a few hair pins to help me out!

I think you could buy the ingredients for your basket quite cheaply. sells a variety of different sizes of basket, but I think the small one is the most appropriate.

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A few ribbons, a bit of tissue paper and some hobby craft wedding flowers, and it’ll look amazing!

And after the wedding, you can use the basket for storage!

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  1. I've been told I should include condoms in the list!