Sunday, 14 August 2011

Real Weddings #1

A Beautiful Day And Bang On Trend!sophie 2 copy

My friend from University married her long term boyfriend in a beautiful parish church and held their reception in a stunning local hotel.

There were a number of things I really liked about this wedding.

600 Year Old Church

As a lover of history myself, I think thesesophie 1 ancient churches really pack in the wow factor. This church looked spectacular, decorated with the couple’s wedding colours and beautiful flowers.

This church had three weddings happening in one day! It definitely is wedding season!

The church had a stunning, long aisle and my friend looked spectacular walking the length of it.

Photo Booth

I have written before about how fantasticsophie 3 photo booths are, but now I have seen one in action and I totally think it’s an amazing idea!

Lots and lots of fun, especially after a few drinks and the shyness has worn off.

The background was made by the bride’s father and brother. It looked professional and was an ideal background for some very silly photos. The couple provided all sorts of props, including a blow up guitar and full dog suit, which the guests used to accessories their wonderful photos.

The ushers made sure that every guest featured in the photographs and the bride and groom made use of it too!

The photographer set up a spare camera on a tripod using a professional flash stand and diffuser.

Photo booths are very on trend at the moment, are lots of fun and ensure that you have very silly photos of all your guests.

Cake Pops

The bride’s sister does a lot of baking, andsophie 4 the bride dabbles herself, so of course there were lots of sweet treats!

I tried my first cake pop!

The cake pops do look fantastic on display and the sweet buffet had a lot of attention from the children. I saw quite a few adults there as well!

It was unusual biting into a lolly pop and finding cake but it was delicious! It was like a mini fairy cake on a stick!

I would definitely recommend cake pops to any sweet tooth bride, or to any bride who is having a lot of children at her wedding. (Super Nanny, Jo Frost, says that sugar does not effect children’s behaviour. However, colourings in foods and fizzy drinks are known to be linked to hyperactivity.) I loved my cake pop, although I only had the one, and suggest them for all brides.

A Swing Band

My friend opted for a very good swing band. the bandThey kept the party going and h2b and I were dancing the night away! When we weren’t lingering around the photo booth, we were on the dance floor throwing it down (between painful shoe breaks).

This photo was taken while they were still setting up and sound checking, I just loved the lighting effect.

The band played something for everyone and all the guests were up having a lovely time. They played a lot of swing music, and I love proper 50’s quick step swing music.

A Beautiful Daysophie

My friend looked completely stunning and very bridal and her husband looked very handsome in white and red.

It was such a wonderful day!

Many many congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Edgington!!

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