Sunday, 25 September 2011

The Best Wedding Fayre!

A Lovely Way to Spend a Saturday!

I went to the best wedding fayre I’ve been to DSCF9571yet at the church where our ceremony will be!

I think there were a number of reasons why it was the best wedding fayre:

  • The mock wedding
  • Talking to my suppliers (and getting something I’d wanted!)
  • Bumping into an old friend from Brownies and Guides
  • Magic by Mark

I came home raving about the fantastic wedding fayre I went to. It was really successful and I had heaps of ideas that I wanted!

Our Suppliers

Talking to our suppliers was really useful. An wedding-archemail can only do so much, especially when the lady who’s supplying you isn’t into computers.

I had always wanted a floral arch for the church. I assumed that I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

After speaking with the lady who does the flowers at the church, it turns out that we can afford a beautiful floral arch!

It’s going to look fabulous in photos and it’ll make a gorgeous impact on guests as they walk into the church!

Church Stuff

We have also chosen our hymns and IMG_1833readings for the wedding! We’re looking at an Apache blessing and Ecclesiastes 4:9 – 12 for our readings and Sing Hosanna, All Things Bright and Beautiful and Lord of All Hopefulness for the hymns.

It’s quite a relief to get all that sorted out. I’m not hugely religious so it’s difficult to for me to choose the right reading. it was really helpful seeing the church’s suggested readings and hymns for some inspiration!

The Mock Wedding

The mock wedding was beautiful! Although the vicar,IMG_7118 Ben, say exactly what he would say on The Day, this pretend wedding gave us a quick over view. I felt I had a real glimpse of what our wedding will be like!

I haven’t yet been to a wedding at my church so seeing this wedding was very touching.

Mum and I were getting quite emotional, even though the mock bride and groom didn’t look anything like me or h2b, and I actually shed a tear as the processional music was played!

We all stood up and clapped the mock bride and groom leaving the church.

As a bonus, Ben the vicar was very funny and made everyone laugh! He asked all the brides not to turn up too late to the wedding! He was actually very funny.

I’ve not seen a mock wedding at a wedding fayre before, but it really helped me to picture our day.

A Church Buddy!

My friend Anna from Brownies and Guides is getting married at the same church as me just under two weeks later!

It was really nice to bump into her and chat about our wedding plans. I love hearing about how other brides are having their day, I think it’s really interesting to see how other brides are doing their day.

Plus, it is really nice to have a church buddy! A sister of my friend from school got married at my venue in June so I have a venue buddy, and now a church buddy too! Very exciting!

Magic by Mark

Now, I’m not a fan of wedding magicians, but Magic by Mark completely changed my mind!

Definitely recommend him, and recommend reviewing the blog post I wrote about him. He completely amazed me and I suggest every bride and groom at least have a look.

All in All

It was a really successful wedding fayre! I’m really glad I went and I’m looking forward to the next one!

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