Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tips for Your Groom!

A Guide to the Groom’s Speech

Imagine sitting on the head table. Your face is aching from smiling for all the photos, and your belly is full of delicious food. You see the MC enter the room to announce the speeches and that’s it, you’re up!

The difference between being terrified about your speech, or being quietly confident will be the following tips!

Do the Research! Be Prepared!

Websites and books are a fantastic resource for nervous speech givers. Most groom’s speeches follow a typical pattern (the thank you’s, what a beautiful wife you have) so that there is an enormous amount of help on the internet and in books.

dad speech book

I’ve picked out Making the Father of the Bride’s Speech to buy for my dad to help him with his speech writing.

And, I also have Confetti’s Wedding Speech book, which I think is really good.

I cannot recommend enough! The quirky, fun way of writing on Staggered is fantastic inspiration for anyone wanting to give a speech.

I really like Wedding Speech Builder but you can only access 2 tips per section before you need to pay to use the website.

And, of course, I have heaps of tips on writing your wedding speech!

The Groom

Your speech is the ‘thank you’ speech. The purpose of the Father-of-the-Bride speech is to introduce the new married couple. The purpose of the Best Man’s speech is to embarrass the groom.

The purpose of your speech is to say thank you! You will give out the gifts and show your appreciation.

Thank the in-laws, especially if they’ve paid for the wedding! Thank them for

  • their daughter,
  • inviting you into the family,
  • their contribution to the wedding
  • their support during the planning process
  • putting up with lots of wedding talk over the last few months
  • being patient with your stressed out tempers

Then, thank your parents. Thank them for

  • your wonderful up bringing
  • their support
  • any contribution to the wedding

After your parents, thank your attendants, starting with the bridesmaids:

  • they look beautiful
  • all their support for your bride
  • all their time and patience during the planning process

Then you thank the guests who have travelled so far to come to your wedding; Uncle Chris who’s come all the way from Qatar, cousin Jonny who’s just arrived from Australia.

Make sure you thank your venue, photographer, baker, caterers, and any other suppliers who stick in your mind as really going above and beyond.

Thank your ushers and best man for everything! Their support, their time, their patience, and most importantly for not embarrassing you too much on your stag do. (May the photos never come to light!)

The Big One

Thank your bride, your new wife. This is your opportunity to be romantic, caring and loving to your new wife in front of everyone you know.

This may make you uncomfortable. You may be thinking that a funny joke could break the ice.


That would be wrong.

This is not the time to make a joke.

This is the time to be sincere and romantic and loving and all those things she always wants you to be. Tell everyone how you really feel, how lucky you feel to be married to this amazing woman! It need only be a few words from your heart, but it will make your bride’s day!

Your speech could cover:

  • how you met
  • how you got together
  • how she has changed your life (for the good)
  • looking forward to the future

Your speech will avoid:

  • any language that refers to balls or chains
  • regret towards your single life
  • being under the thumb

Your Speech

Try to read your friend’s speeches, or watch the videos back again. See what works and what doesn’t.

Whatever you include in your speech, remember the thank you’s and remember to say your wife looks beautiful.

If nothing else, say that your wife looks beautiful!

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