Monday, 19 September 2011


Communicate with Your Mother-in-Law

You might feel a bit shy around your Mother-of-the-Bridemother-in-law, or you may be very lucky and she’s like a second mother!

However, as wedding fever reaches it’s highest pitch it can be easy to forget to include your MIL.

To stay on her good side, as you marry her little boy, follow the tips below:

Lots of Updates

Whenever you get a quiet moment, give your MIL a quick ring to know what’s happening with the wedding plans Bride and Motherand let her know what’s going to be organised next.

If you don’t want to call, send her a text!

She’s going to be thinking about the day as much as your mother is so try to keep in touch with her.

Get Together

Start inviting your MIL out on shopping trips with your mum to buy your dress. Buying the wedding dress is serious bonding time and you could stop for a quick bite to eat along the way (and a glass of wine!).

Happy Hens

Pink penises and getting blind drunk isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time so try to include your MIL in something a bit more tame in your hen do.

Are you going out for a meal before hand? Are you doing some fun, non-alcoholic activities? Invite your mother-in-law!

Delegatemother-of-the-bride (1)

Are there some little jobs you could give your MIL? We don’t want her to take over in the same way we don’t want your own mother to take over, but you could give her jobs such as:

  • choosing the readings
  • looking for a baker, caterer or bar service
  • looking into accommodation near the reception
  • building some suggestions for a guest list

These jobs will help your MIL feel involved without doing anything that would change the feel of the wedding.

A Bit of Pampering

On the morning of the wedding, while you and your bridesmaids are being beautified, spare a thought for your MIL. bride-mother-grandma-generations-portrait

Could you arrange for her to have her hair done in the morning? Or the day before the wedding, you, your MIL and your mum could have a manicure or some spa pampering.

Spare a Thought

Your MIL may feel that she has to take a step back from your wedding, so not to feel like she’s taking over. If you try to include her in your plans it will make her day.

Spare a thought for your mother-in-law!

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