Wednesday, 28 September 2011

It’s All in the Details

Stamp Your Personality

Lets face it, in principal, all weddings are the same. n633875067_5956196_6345

There’s a ceremony, be it civil, Christian, Islamic, Indian, Chinese, registry office or naturist. Then there’s a reception where you serve your guests a meal.

This is true for pretty much all weddings.

The interest is in the detail.

What will your guests be looking for?

The DressUnique-Wedding-Dresses21

While every bride wears a wedding dress of some description (or not in the case of a naturist bride) each dress is different. I haven’t been to a wedding yet where the bride was wearing exactly the same dress as another bride.

The male guests at your wedding may not notice that your dress is fantastically unique and special to you, but the female guests certainly will!

The Flowers

Every bride has different flowers because every florist is different. Guests will be looking to see what colours you’ve chosen, which flowers you’ve had and where you’ve put them.

These will also feature highly in your images4wedding photos.

That doesn’t mean that you have to have expensive table decorations nor bouquets. As flowers feature so predominantly in your wedding, they must reflect your personality!

If you like bold colours try gerberas and tulips, but if you like softer colours and more interesting displays try orchids and wild flowers. Whatever you want, your florist will have fantastic ideas.

Wedding Favours

favours (2)Wedding favours are unique to every wedding. Some brides buy expensive favours to show their guests they appreciate them. Other brides make hand made gifts, like cookies or painted pebbles.

It is essential that your wedding favours mirror your personality. If you’re a unique, creative person you may want to make some quirky, fun hand made favours. If you’re someone who likes polished or finished things, then it might be better to invest in some slightly more expensive favours.

I’ve done a mixture of the two!


Entertainment is the most difficult part of a Bride_guitar_flip_1wedding to personalise. You may have a band or a DJ but how do you make them unique?

A friend of mine who got married at my venue plays the guitar and she joined in with the band to play a song for her new husband.

Our DJ comes with an LCD TV, on which we could display photos of the day before our wedding, the engagement shoot and many other pics. Even pics of us when we were little!

On Don’t Tell the Bride, one groom performed the Oompa Loompa song from Charley and the Chocolate Factory, and another performed Thriller by Michael Jackson. Maybe you could perform a dance or something different at your wedding.

Your Details

It is important that your wedding details are personalised to you. If you want your wedding to be memorable and special to you and your groom, try to think about your wedding details and make your wedding reflect your personalities.


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