Thursday, 15 September 2011

Blog Posts to Come!

Keep Checking Back!

You may have noticed a lack of new blog posts… Unfortunately, with it being the beginning of term, things have been manic at school and my evenings have been filled with laminating, cutting9435067-young-woman-busy-using-laptop-computer-concentrating-on-screen-having-headphones-in-neck and sticking things for work.

Things have also been a bit lax on the wedding front. Dad is working on finding us a florist but other than that, there’s nothing else to report!

However, over the next few weeks we will be having some blog posts about

  • speeches
  • saving money
  • the history of wedding dresses
  • DIY design tips
  • mothers in Law
  • wedding faux-pas’s
  • beauty tips
  • questions for your stationer
  • miscellaneous questions
  • different venue pros and cons

and many more!

Keep checking back for more blog posts, and of course updates for my own wedding!

Only 6 months, 22 days to go! (29 weeks 1 day!)

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