Friday, 2 September 2011


My Two and a Half Year Check List

A check list will keep you on track and will put everything into perspective. Planning a wedding is a bit like keeping lots of plates in the air. And while juggling so many things, it’s easy to forget something that you want. My check list will help you to keep everything in order.

check list

[If you would like to download this checklist, left click on the image to see the full size check list, then right click on the enlarged image. Select Save As or Print to use this image.]

My Check List

As you all know, I famously planned my wedding two and a half years in advance. Consequently, my wedding check list is slightly different to the normal.

our rings30 Months To Go

  • We got engaged!
  • Set a date
  • Announced engagement to family and friends

25 - 29 Months To Go

  • Visited at least 16 different wedding venues in the area
  • Booked the church
  • Booked and paid the deposit for the my-favoursreception venue

17 – 24 Months To Go

  • Sent out save the dates
  • Ordered and received the wedding favours (they were in a Confetti sale)
  • Ordered the cake topper

12 – 16 Months To Go

  • Bought wedding insurance
  • Booked an authentic London bus to transport guests to the reception
  • Ordered our stationary

chop chop

  • Sorted out the men’s suits
  • Booked the DJ
  • Booked the cars
  • Bought the table crystals
  • Ordered the chair covers
  • Bought my wedding dress!!!!!
  • Bought some wedding underwear

7 – 12 Months to Go

  • Booked the hair dresser and makeup artist
  • Made all the name labels

bride card

  • Ordered the bridesmaid dresses
  • Helped mum to buy her outfit
  • Booked the honeymoon

Still To Do:

  • Bridesmaids dress fitting
  • My dress fitting
  • The men’s fittings
  • Buying gifts for everyone who needs them
  • Table plan
  • Confirming numbers and meals with the reception venue
  • Sorting out hymns and readings, and sending them off to the stationary lady (thinking of having All Things Bright and Beautiful but putting in the lyrics to All Things Dull and Ugly)
  • Sorting out a florist!
  • Filling the favours with sweets (mini eggs as it’ll be Easter)
  • Confirming with all the suppliers that we all have the same information
  • Writing the photographers ‘must have’ shots
  • Engagement wedding shoot
  • Make-up trial
  • Have the church flowers talk
  • Let the DJ know what songs we really want
  • Dance lessons
  • Confirm the cake topper details (Artlocke Designs)
  • Get my passport sorted out in my married name

Not much still to do then! Gosh, when it’s written down like that it seems like a vast amount of things still needs to be done! Most of it can’t be done until roughly three months before the wedding so I will try to stop worrying!


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