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How to Get Your Spark

If you’re not the type of lass who has dreamt about her wedding for years and years, even before meeting h2b, finding inspiration for your wedding may be difficult.

All of your wedding suppliers will suggest looking to magazines for inspiration.

Literary InspirationWEDDING-IDEAS_DEC-10

Wedding magazines are fantastic for finding inspiration. Wedding Ideas Magazine features up to 9 or 10 real weddings with photos, as many of the wedding magazines do.

When looking at flowers magazines, try to choose the magazine that is showing flowers in the season of your wedding.

Make a scrap book of ideas, cut out pictures that spark your inspiration and glue them into your scrap book. Look at the colours and styles you’ve chosen.

My Scrapbook

To be honest, I’ve only used my scrapbook when speaking to the florist. When h2b tried on suits, I pictured him wearing an Edwardian suit but he looked much much better in tails.

The same with my wedding dress: I chose lots of styles that I liked in the magazines but ended up choosing a dress I’d never seen before.


Even if you don’t end up using your scrapbook, it is a fantastic way to gather your ideas. Once you’ve collected all your favourite pictures, it will give you and your h2b a visual idea of what you want for your wedding.

Brain Storm

Once you’ve got some ideas together, think of your wedding and what words you want to associate with you wedding. Some words you may choose could include:

  • Luxurious
  • Simple
  • Bright
  • Classic
  • Romantic
  • Fun
  • Quirky
  • Traditional
  • Big
  • Seasonal
  • Blue (or any colour)
  • Loud
  • Colourful
  • Beautiful
  • Dreamy
  • Home made
  • Full of memories
  • Family orientated

These are just some words to help you on your way, but you will have different ideas. Ask your h2b to write his own brain storm for the wedding so that you can make sure your wedding has a common dream.

My Brainstorm

fran brainstorm

I focused on the key words that I associated with our wedding. I want a big, fun, beautiful, traditional wedding, with a massive party, lots of music and dancing and all our family and friends.

H2b’s Brainstorm

h2b brainstorm

H2b focused on what marrying me meant to him. He wants a wedding that’s a celebration of our commitment, a fusion of our two cultures and a reunion of friends and family. He wants booze and more booze, a party, lots of fun and good food.

Other People’s Weddings!

I am always looking at our photographer’s website, getting ideas from his blog. I pinched my photo frame boarder idea from his website after spotting it at another bride’s wedding!

It was also a feature at a recent wedding I went to (one of the three weddings in a week).

frame mount

One of my other friends had a photo booth at her wedding that I really want to copy! I think it’s a fantastic idea!

sophie 3

It was a lot of fun and would produce some really fun photos! My friend provided a suitcase full of silly props and once guests had sipped a few drinks, everyone was ready to relax in front of the camera.

Cake pops are also a very popular idea! My friend had cake pops at her wedding and they were utterly delicious (made at home by the bride and her sister!) and a good idea for the quirky and unique bride.

sophie 4

Your friends weddings are fantastic places to find inspiration. Try to take photos of the tiny details to remind yourself of elements you really liked. One of my other friends had table crystals at her wedding which looked fabulous! I’ve bought some from


I also loved this idea of putting the candles and vases on the mirrors. It’s so cute and adds a bit of sparkle with the lights to your wedding.


My blog is just a modest little blog but there are lots more with heaps of inspiration.

Hope this helps in your hunt for wedding inspiration!

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