Sunday, 6 February 2011

Wedding Magazines

There are a sea of wedding magazines out there. I have bought at least one copy of all of them, but I prefer to buy three of them regularly, because I like the ones that fit in your handbag. Most of the smaller magazines also have larger options, but I prefer to buy the smaller ones. 

Below is a quick guide to the magazines as far as I see them. They are fairly similar really but I'm sure everyone will have their favourites.

For buying magazines about wedding flowers, buy the magazine in the same season your wedding will be. My wedding is in spring so I will be buying Wedding Flowers magazine in spring. It will be filled with spring flowers and give me a chance to have a look before talking to my florist. 

General Magazines

  • Wedding Ideas
    This is my favourite magazine. It doesn't have many articles but I like it because of the way it shows the real life weddings, all the products and ideas it displays and because of the bright colours and friendly layout. I think it's the most accessible of all the wedding magazines and it comes in a handy, handbag size. 

  • Perfect Weddings
    Very similar to Wedding Ideas, this magazine is again packed full of fantastic wedding ideas with articles to give you tips on anything from booking your photographer to dealing with difficult bridesmaids. The photos are clear and easy to look at. They also have articles about real weddings, but where Wedding Ideas titles the real weddings with the couple’s name, Perfect Weddings titles them with a phrase relating to that wedding.

  • You&Your Wedding
    I see this wedding magazine for a more sophisticated bride. The articles aren’t as bright and colourful and the way they present the real weddings are a bit less accessible than in Wedding Ideas. It’s a very good magazine with a lot of good information and helpful tips.

  • Wedding Magazine
    Not handbag sized, but still packed full of fab ideas for your weddings. It’s good to have a look at all the different styles of wedding dresses that they have. Wedding is dissimilar to the other magazines, coming from a different angle.

  • Cosmo Bride
    From the popular magazine, Cosmopolitan, comes Cosmopolitan Bride. With the same tone and mood of Cosmo, Cosmo Bride covers similar issues as featured in the other magazines but it’s a full size magazine and packed full of useful information.

  • Brides
    Another magazine filled with ideas that a new bride-to-be could cut out and start building ideas from. Some articles with tips for dealing with suppliers and looking for venues, Brides is another good place to get some good ideas.

A lot of the magazines are the same but they all have different material in them and are all worth a look. Some are released weekly, some come out monthly. Either way, you will have a lot of opportunities to get lots of ideas.

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