Saturday, 7 May 2011

Chair Covers

Things You Should Know About Chair Covers

An often over looked element of a wedding, chair covers can really transform a venue and add a bit chair-cover-accents2 of sophistication to your over all look.

Chair covers are an easy and affordable way to jazz up your wedding venue. They work well for a civil ceremony and for your wedding breakfast.

Chair covers are surprisingly affordable. From cheap deals on the internet to local competition, the average price of chair covers, per chair including sash, is around £2.50, as of May 2011.

Venues often have unattractive chairs as they are used to brides and grooms wanting chair covers. Even if they aren’t a bit worn, the gold and red chairs most venues use are not the best. Chair covers will hide ugly chairs.

The chairs are often on of the first things in your reception room that your guests will look at. They will be trying to find your seat and will be walking through a sea of chairs. The chair covers add to the elegant look of the room and compliment your wedding style.

Once you’ve accessorised your room with chair covers and sashes, the room will look complete. You almost won’t need to add any extras, except centre pieces, to decorate your room.

Different Types of Chair Cover

It’s not as simple as you think! There are different types of chair cover, although only 2 main types. My mother suggested I should get the chair covers that match my dress!

Loose Drop Covers  
Wedding Chair Covers 021 These are the most popular and most readily available chair covers out there.
They hang loose over the chair, as the name suggests. They are durable, easy to put on and look fantastic.
Most brides have these chair covers with a sash around the back rest and that just adds a fantastic accent to the room.
Spandex Chair Covers Also available in cotton as well as satin, spandex chair covers are tighter and sleeker than the loose ones.
They also look best with a sash to add an accent to the room.
They slip under the chair so that the seats don’t scratch the floor, ideal if you’re in a listed building.

Both of these chair covers look lovely, but they both really need a sash to really complete the look.

Top Tips

My top tips for chair covers is that the cover colour should match the colour of your table cloths, wedding_chair_cover_387_0_1284643677 and the sashes match the colour of your wedding.

If you’re on a budget and want to put the chair covers on yourself, allow roughly

  • 1hour with 3-4 people helping you for 100 covers/sashes
  • 1.5 hours with 3-4 people helping you 150 covers/sashes
  • 2 hours with 3-4 people helping you for 200 covers/sashes

Also, keep it simple. Lots of colours overload the scene, the more simple it looks the bigger the effect will be. White or ivory looks best as a chair cover with a coloured, or white or black, sash as an accent.


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