Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Wedding Fayre

Madeley Court Hotel Wedding Fayre

On Wednesday I was at a wedding fayre at Madeley Court Hotel. DSCF9635

I do like the wedding fayres at Madeley Court. They have a wonderful  atmosphere and lovely exhibitors.

When I first went to a Madeley Court wedding fayre they were offering a glass of champagne or sparkling wine to their guests. That was a really lovely touch. A glass of wine or any free refreshments really help guests to feel relaxed and comfortable in a venue.

It was a slightly smaller wedding fayre this time. There was just the one dress shop, KT Bridal (one of my faves!), an organic baker, the venue’s recommended photographers and cars, a fireworks display provider and a beautician. More often, the Mill is packed full with exhibitors and there are even more providers in the restaurant. index_1

I do tend to go to the Madeley Court wedding fayres because it is a good idea to book local  providers. Also, your venue will have had hundreds of weddings, they will know the best suppliers and the ones they recommend will be at their wedding fayres.

And also, venues are often dressed the way they would be for a wedding, with an example of tables and table decoration. I like seeing the venues all dressed up as it gives and even better idea of how things will look on The Day.

It was a really good wedding fayre.

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