Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Wedding Websites

Finding the Right Site for Your Wedding

I haven’t been blogging much because I have been working on a wedding website! I did have two other wedding websites but they just weren’t what I wanted, however I found one that I really like and have been uploading all the information onto that.

I have a bit of know how as far as websites are concerned, as my masters degree is in web design and I was a web designer for a few years. I do think that all opinions are subjective and here are mine. 1

The sites available on the eWedding website are really well designed, easy to navigate and easy to use.  The colours and different designs seem unique and easy to access. They offer previews of the sites before you choose the site you want.

The only downside is that it’s an American company and therefore the site is based around American wedding traditions. The upside is that it is possible to change the names of the individual pages


You can also enable and disable certain pages. So if you don’t want to share stories from your relationship with your wedding guests, you can turn off the page.


You can also password protect your website so that only your guests can visit your website. This is a fairly sensible idea but remember to share your password with your guests!

I was worried that they didn’t have a function to allow for maps. I want to make sure all my guests can get to my wedding! However, there is an HTML function that allows you to paste links from google maps! Perfect! 4

The functionality on getting married is just fantastic. It’s so interactive and easy to use, they are fantastic. The only problem is… the design. They are not attractive websites.

They have fantastic functions such as organising your time line, table seating arrangements so that guests know where they’re sitting and who they’re sitting with before hand and lift sharing.

There’s a place for maps to be displayed to help guests find their way between church and venue.

The functionality is fantastic and almost makes up for the lack of aesthetic elements to the site.

This website is slightly better looking than the getting married site but it has less of the functionality.

All of the websites have the function to upload photos and wedding path is no exception. Similarly to eWedding, the photos are displayed on the front page, randomly selecting each photo. It is also possible for your guests to upload photos if they wish.

wedding path have a very flexible website. Some of the pages are already named but you have the flexibility to add pages that you want to include in the website.

Which ever website you choose, remember to share all the essential information with your guests.

  • Ceremony venue
  • Reception venue
  • Maps and directions
  • Information about hotels and places to stay over night

I chose to use a wedding website as many of our guests are spread across the world. We are still going to include information such as directions, venue and church addresses and hotels in the area in our wedding invitations however a wedding website simply allows more freedom to share more information.

In a wedding invitation, you only have a certain amount of space to include additional information so a wedding website, the address included in your wedding invitations, can include additional information that may prove useful to your guests.

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