Saturday, 21 May 2011

Change of Mind

I No Longer Recommend

I went onto my wedding website at eWedding to find half the links missing! I obviously ewedding panicked and went on to find out what had happened!

The beautiful websites at eWedding have all their functions for a month. After that you have to pay $4.95 in US dollars. I assume.

Nowhere on the website did it say that!

Now, I know I didn’t read the T&C’s, but you’d have thought Introductory Offer or 1 Month Free Trial would have been displayed clearly on the website, but no… Like I say, I’m only assuming it’s a one month free trial because I still haven’t been told why my links have been greyed out and are no longer able to be viewed on my site.

I would still recommend eWedding to those brides who can afford to pay $4.95 (or £3.05) per month! As their sites are pretty and attractive. They are a touch difficult to use if you’re not web savvy, and they are geared towards the American bride.

However, weddings are an expensive business and if you don’t have the £3.05 to spare, is it worth paying for something extra?

The hunt for the perfect FREE wedding website continues!

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