Wednesday, 4 May 2011


Hair and Makeup Booked!

Days to go: 11 months, 2 days

I have booked the hair and make up lady! That’s another thing I can tick off my list! eyemakeup

I thought it would be nice if all the ladies involved in the wedding could get ready together, and we could have a really girlie morning before the wedding. I’ve had mornings like this at my friends’ weddings and it was really nice.

The Plan Is…

I’m going to be having my hair and makeup done while my bridesmaids will be having their hair done. I didn’t want to tell my bridesmaids how to wear their hair, as some brides do, I wanted to give them the option of wearing their hair how they feel comfortable. As they will be wearing the same clothes it’ll be easy enough to see that they’re the bridesmaids without them having their hair all the same.  bridal-makeover

I’m really looking forward to having my makeup and hair done for me, I’m looking forward to being pampered!

The Look I’m Going For

I was thinking of having a very natural look with a touch of sparkle and a hint of pink. That’s what I wear normally but with a professional putting the makeup on, it will look flawless.

What’s Left?

All that’s left to find are the bridesmaid dresses and the gifts for the bridal party and parents. Everything else is booked. I’m going to ring round different bridal shops looking for the dresses I want for the bridesmaids, or something similar.

This wedding is almost sorted!

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