Monday, 16 May 2011

Feeling Like a Bride

Not Feeling Bride-like

Days to go: 326bride_mirror

Maybe it’s because my wedding is almost a year away. Maybe it’s because I’ve been spreading out this planning process over a long period of time, but I’m just not feeling like a bride.

I’m not entirely sure what a bride should feel like though.

After some consideration, I’m thinking that I should be thankful for this quiet time. I’m sure a lot of brides feel rushed off their feet, stressed with lots of things to do and I might start feeling like that closer to the wedding date. I don’t want to be stressed or rushed but I do want to feel like a bride.

Maybe I’ll feel more bride-like when the invitations are delivered. The Wedding is quite a way off still, despite everyone telling me it’ll come round soon, so I believe that the closer it approaches, the more bride-like I’ll feel.

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