Sunday, 8 May 2011

Wedding Cakes

The World of Wedding Cakes

The world of wedding cakes is a maze. Recently, there are so many options thanks to the wedding cake from technabobdevelopment of more flexible icing. In the past, wedding cakes tended to follow a particular formula as royal icing was the only option available to modern brides. In the 1980’s, malleable soft icing was invented and so the creations became unique.

wedding cake from cakes and sugar craft shopI haven’t blogged about wedding cakes before because I’m on a budget with my wedding, and certain elements of the wedding had to be limited. I chose the cake to save costs.  With so many guests we would have to have a large cake but I wanted it to be as simple as possible to save money.

My little brother has bought a cake topper for my fiancé and I, as our wedding present, and this was what I wanted to add to the cake to make it a little bit wow.

When Choosing Your Cakeweddingcakes27

  • Before you do anything else, set up a budget for your cake. Once you know how much money you can afford to spend on your cake you will have a better idea of the type of cake you will be able to have. The average spend for a three tier cake at the moment is from between £300 - £450. If you have less decoration on the cake then it is a bit cheaper, around £150 - £200.
  • Make a decision: do you want full size cakes or cupcakes? Or a mixture of both?
  • Have a look in magazines and on the internet to find cakes that you like. The more complicated the cake, the more expensive it will be. Make a collection of different cakes that you like because your cake could be unique to you.
  • Go to wedding fayres and taste the cake that’s there. It’s surprising how different the same flavour of cake can taste. It’s important to choose a cake that you feel tastes nice.
  • Think about the flavours you want. Chocolate, vanilla, white chocolate, lemon, carrot. You could even have your wedding cake made out of cheese! Vanilla sponge is the cheapest flavour to have, the more flavours you have in your cake the more expensive it will be.

Think About Decorationwedding cake from zuza fun

There are many ways to decorate your cake: flowers, icing, cake toppers, ribbon. When looking through the pictures either in magazines or through Google, choose your favourite decoration.

Which ever cake you choose, ensure that it’s going to be within your budget and it’s decorated to your taste. Try to choose colours that are in your wedding for your cake so that it all matches.

Good luck!


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