Sunday, 15 May 2011

Stories of My Disappearance..

Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

I have had a mega busy week at work, and had no time to to blog! This is the longest I’ve gonebusy_woman211 without blogging but I’ve still had a quite good stream of traffic so I want to thank everyone for checking back at my blog!

I’ve started really focusing on working out. Monday is aerobics with my mum and then on Tuesdays it’s Zumba! And while it’s having a very positive effect on my figure, it means much less time for blogging! I’m also trying to work out for at least an hour on the days I’m not going to classes, and people are noticing!

On Wednesday I went to a wedding fayre (more about this later). And Thursday and Friday I had to work for work, so I didn’t have a chance to blog!

On Saturday we had some friends staying so while everyone’s still asleep on Sunday morning, I’ll get some blogging done!

So basically, I wanted to thank everyone for still checking back at my blog and reading my posts. I’ll soon catch up with some posts.

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