Tuesday, 31 May 2011


We’ve Booked Our Honeymoon!!

Days to go: 312

I am so excited!! We have booked it, paid the deposit and now we’reeygpt honeymoon pending paying the rest of it!

I am so so excited! I’ve been hop skipping and jumping all the way home! And h2b has been grinning too! We booked the holiday using my married name too! That was exciting in itself!

We will be going on a cruise! We wanted to see lots of different places and have a lot of different things to do, we thought a cruise would be the best way.

honeymoonsAfter speaking to the travel agent, we looked up the reviews of the trip on trip advisor and other review websites and they all said the holiday is fantastic! They talked about balloon rides and camel rides, h2b was hooked!

I am so completely excited! This honeymoon just makes our marriage even more exciting!

And it was fairly exciting to start with! grand-egypt-honeymoon-package

I have decided to travel under my married name. I went online and a lot of people have said not to do that. However, my passport has run out anyway and I will need to apply for a new passport regardless. I feel that I may as well get a passport in my married name and then I won’t have to change it later.

Travel_InsuranceWe didn’t get travel insurance from the travel agent because we wanted to have a shop around before we were sure which insurance company we went with. They did offer a good rate of £42 for the both of us, which covered illness, loss of luggage and things, and delayed flights. We’re still going to shop around first.

I may not have mentioned this before but I’m so excited!!! Yay!! We’re going on honeymoon!!!

xx Smile xx

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