Saturday, 28 May 2011


Planning our Honeymoon!

Today, we went to Thomas Cook to talk about our honeymoon!!!

I am so completely excited! H2b and I haven’t been on holiday for years, except honeymoon a few weekends staying in the UK, so I am really looking forward to this.

But it is a difficult choice! The location of your honeymoon, the duration of stay, the activities you do: there are so many choices it’s difficult to know which is the right one.

To help us, we made a list of our honeymoon requirements, what we both want for our honeymoon.

My Wants

H2b Wants

1. Lots of things to do and see
2. Warm sunny weather
3. Old things to visit, like ancient things
4. Relaxing fun activities
5. Clean, nice hotel
6. Something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives as a fantastic holiday
7. Good views
1. Beach walks
2. Spa
3. Active night life
5. Cultural things
6. Historical things to learn about
7. A variety of activities such as
  - snorkelling
  - diving
  - motorised water sports

With these ideas in mind, we headed to Thomas Cook.  H2b wanted to try Thomas Cook hawaii-honeymoon_1_ as he’d had recommendations from colleagues. I watch Watchdog, like a lot of British people, and it seems as if most of the British holiday companies have featured on it from time to time, but we wanted to give Thomas Cook a try regardless.

The lady at Thomas Cook was actually really helpful. Unfortunately, we weren’t. We had no idea where we wanted to go and no idea of what we really wanted.

We knew we wanted all inclusive.

The last thing we wanted to worry about on our honeymoon was where we’d go to eat. There were a number of places that we could go to which offered an all inclusive package. One I liked was a cruise, we could travel around different places and see lots of amazing things. I wouldn’t be able to go to one place and lie around. I’m someone who likes lots of things to do.

I’d probably blog about it if I was stuck doing nothing. Rights Managed

Luckily, h2b likes taking photos of lots of different things so we will be out doing things.

Well, in the end I think we did settle on an interesting honeymoon (although not sure about booking!). Something that will both be relaxing but with lots of activities to keep us entertained. We chose something that would be all inclusive so that all we had to think about is having a good time! We’re seeing as much as we can of the area and learning about the culture.

An experience that will stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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