Sunday, 12 June 2011

300 Days to Go!

300 Days to Go!

So exciting!!!

I think it’s just because it’s a large round number. It is still a rather large number, however. I was thinking about what we’d be doing at 200 days to go and 100 days to go. More about that later!

This week has been a fairly productive week.

We have ordered and received pretty, sparkly decoration for the tables and some fun Chinese fortunes.

I have also, with h2b’s help, finalised the menu choices for the wedding breakfast! I wanted to get them done a little bit earlier so that I could pop them in the invitations, so that will be going on our website!

And we’ve started to plan our Chinese wedding in Hong Kong. We are still discussing the best date for a wedding in Hong Kong, but hopefully we’ll get that sorted soon.


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