Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Wedding Photos

Have the Perfect Pictures

A friend of mine just got married at my wedding venue and she looked completely amazing in all the wedding photos. She had a spectacular dress and her hair and makeup were perfect, it all gave me a glimpse of what my far off distant wedding (287 days to go) will be like!

It also got me thinking about wedding photos.


There are a number of things to think about when planning your wedding pictures: what shots you want, how you want to pose, who you want in the photos, what story you want your wedding to tell. Even the order the photographs appear in the wedding album is something you need to decide!

wedding photos 1

Wedding photos should tell the story of the day: the venues, the events, the fine details and the people involved.

Establishing Shot

Every album needs what the pros call the ‘Establishing Shot.’ Be it a stunning church, a stain glass window, your spectacular venue or your wedding dress, an establishing shot shows the mood and atmosphere of the album.


You will always remember where you got married, but an establishing shot will mean that your venue is immortalised in your wedding album.

The Details

In the rush of the day, you may miss some of the littleIMG_7364 details in your wedding.

The favours, the diamantes, the interesting little details that can go so easily missed.

You’ve spent hours sticking flowers and ribbon on place settings, glued your fingers together making your seating plan, these details in place you may want to see.

That shot of your wedding rings (showing off your fantastic nails), your new husband’s boutonniere, these are things you will want to remember.

Getting Ready

With the excitement building up, everyone very busy, sometimes the ‘getting read shots’ are some of the most animated.

getting ready

For your getting ready shots, if you’re getting ready at home, make sure your rooms are tidy! Nothing ruins a romantic getting ready shot than background clutter!

Also, many women don’t like photos taken before they’ve donned their makeup so make sure that you avoid too many of those and focus on getting dressed shots.

I Believe There May Be Men at This Wedding?

Remember to devote some time to photographing the men in your wedding. This is something I will need to remember. It’s easy enough to focus on the girls getting ready, but remember your h2b will be nervous too! Lets capture that!


Also, it’s good insight into what’s happening while you’re busy getting ready. Your groom will be greeting people at the church or the reception venue, you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of him looking nervous!

The Family

A shot with your new in-laws and with your family is a wedding album essential!


Your family have been such a huge part of your life, photos of you with your family will be treasured forever. Your family will also love having photos of you all dressed up!

More on wedding photos coming soon!

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