Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Who Needs to Kiss the Bride?

Technology in Weddings

I found this hilarious picture retweeted on Twitter by tweetmywedding. I found it very fitting for this day and age.


As a Facebook addict myself, I was thinking of updating my Facebook status and changing my name on Facebook and Twitter in the car on the way to the venue! Maybe posting a blog post about how it all went. Of course, I might be busy, swept up by the moment, but then again, my internet addiction may win out! 

I have read a number of tweets, not from brides or grooms but from guests, that detail weddings and wedding rehearsals. Congratulations to brides and grooms the second they sign the register, photos posted live to Facebook and Twitter, even videos of the vows streamed live.

Technology is entering into weddings more and more. The technology involved in the Royal wedding transported images of the happy couple around the world. Fans were tweeting all through the wedding, Facebook statuses were being updated, millions of blogs followed the wedding. The video of the Royal wedding was streamed live through the internet.

Couples in America and Japan are being married by robots!

Technophile couples are arranging for a robot minister to say their vows and over see signing of the register.

While this doesn’t appeal to all brides and grooms, it does add a very unique and space age touch to your special day.

A lot of couples are opting for live streaming of their wedding to the internet!

If your elderly grandma can’t travel, or your pregnant best friend lives abroad but still wants to be involved, live streaming does involve more people in your special day. Personally, I have a lot of family abroad and this sounds like a viable option, but does it take a little of the sparkle out of your day?


I think an important question is, does technology add to or detract from the sparkle of your wedding day?

Obviously, the photographs are one of the biggest parts of the day. You might choose to have a videographer to capture all the best moments. However, would you like your guests to be tweeting through your ceremony? When will you update your facebook status, if at all?

My chief bridesmaid has put her foot down and forbidden me to carry my iPhone on my wedding day, which solves that problem! I can see her point. It is important to be in the moment and focus on your day. I’ve been told it zooms by so fast.

Whatever you decide for your wedding, I hope you have the most amazing day!

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