Thursday, 2 June 2011

Photographer of the Year!

Our Photographer is Shortlisted!

Our photographer, Clive Blair, has just been shortlisted for West Midlands Your Magazine, Photographer of the Year!

And much does he deserve it!

On English Wedding, they were saying that talking to your photographer should give you that excited shiver that you used to get when you were seven. I had that when we were talking to Clive.

I could almost see our wedding in his amazing wedding photos. I think that after the wedding has finished, everyone’s gone home, you’ve come back from your honeymoon, what’s left from the wedding (other than a happy marriage) are the photos. Beautiful photos are so important to me. That’s why we had to choose the best photographer.

And now he’s being short listed for photographer of the year!

I just think that’s amazing for Clive! I’m really pleased for him! Yay!

(And I voted!)

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