Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wedding Favours

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I opened the door (after walking an hour home from work – got to lose weight!!) and found another of the packets I ordered!


Fortunes! I found them on, and absolutely fell for them. I’d have preferred them in silver, but they were only available in gold.

The Chinese word on the front means ‘fortune’ and the proverbs inside are different in each card. I thought it might make a nice talking point on the tables. The guests might compare fortunes to see which one they’ve got.

Ideally, they would get guests talking to people they wouldn’t otherwise know. I was thinking of putting them into the favour bags, and along side the favour boxes (because they won’t fit in the boxes) for each guest. And as you can only open the fortunes once, we won’t be able to pick and choose the fortunes, it’ll be completely fate as to which fortune you’ll receive.

It’ll be interesting to read the fortune h2b and I get on our wedding day!

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