Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Fun Weddings

Fun Ways to Make Your Wedding More Fun!

Every bride and groom want their guests to enjoy themselves at their wedding!

Here are some quick tips on how to make your wedding more fun!DSCF9981

  1. Take the lead!
    Your guests won’t know a lot of the people at your wedding. If you show your guests that you’re having fun, they’ll be more likely to relax, join in and have fun with you!
  2. Photo Fun!
    Talk to your photographer about taking some fun photos. Jump photos are very popular, with everyone in the photos leaping into the air. Or you could hire a fun photo booth as suggested on my blog post.
  3. Interaction Plan
    Sweet stations or buffets are a good way to get guests talking. Also, mixing up the tables will encourage guests to speak to people they don’t know. Also, Talking Tables have a lot of cute ideas to encourage chattering guests.
  4. Some Surprises!
    Having a brief running order, and knowing what is coming next is important for a smoothly running wedding. DSC06366However, the odd surprise such as throwing your bouquet or a funky wedding dance.
  5. Something old
    Following some of the old traditions such as throwing the bouquet, or the garter, or wedding speeches can often be one of the most fun elements of a wedding.

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  1. Thanks a lot dear for sharing these amazing ways to make the wedding more fun. I have just reserved one of best seattle venues for my big day. My fiancé and I have decided to do specially choreographed surprise dance on our day. I hope this dance will be able to add extra fun to our ceremony.