Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Stop Looking!

An End to Wedding Fayres

My wedding dress is all paid for, except for any adjustments it may need, and as I got it in a sale, the money is non refundable…

… So why do I keep looking?!

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I was flicking through Wedding Ideas magazine yesterday, and I thought, ‘Oooh, that’s a nice dress.’ No! No!! No!!! I think the dress I’ve paid for is absolutely gorgeous and I do completely love it and feel really special and smiley when I wear it, but I was still looking.

And last month, mother and I went to a wedding fayre at my wedding venue.

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When we first started the planning process we would spend hours at wedding fayres, talking to the vendors, learning about weddings and the industry. I asked questions about dry cleaning suits and delivery of cakes, photo albums and menu choices.

Last time we were at a wedding fayre we spent longer driving there and back than we did at the venue!

It’s time to stop looking!

With so many weddings things planned and paid for, it is definitely time to stop looking and concentrate on what we’ve already arranged!

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My advice for organised brides out there is: don’t look once you’ve booked!

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