Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Exciting Things in the Post!

All That Glitters..

Exciting things have arrived in the post!

I got a bit bored on Sunday and decided to buy some things for the wedding I’d decided I was going to buy anyway. sparkle1

I was a little disappointed that there weren’t as many diamantes as I thought there would be. When the packet says 2600 diamantes, I pictured a rather large bag!

However, when I poured them out to take this bag and saw them sparkling in the torch light (giving away sparkle 2my photography secrets), they actually take up quite a bit of space.

Also, mixing them together with the purple diamantes (they are purple, despite the picture looking blue) will the tables out a bit. I was thinking of including some normal confetti, hearts or something, like my brother had on the tables at his wedding. Or is that too much? Decisions! sparkle3

Also, these silver shimmer place cards arrived!

The silver shimmer is very subtle and no one will notice, but I think they look fantastic! I was thinking of putting a diamante flower (from Hobby Craft) in the corner, just to link all the sparkles together.

There are is one more item arriving in the post,, these are going in the wedding favour box ready for when we need them in a few months!

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