Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Band or DJ?

Your Musical Choice

Every bride and groom want their wedding to be memorable. Be it a romantic wedding abroad, a small intimate wedding with close friends or a wild party with everyone you know, all brides and grooms want their wedding to stick in the memories of those they love.

One of the ways to do this is to have an amazing evening reception.

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Guests often say it’s the good music that sets the atmosphere for a fantastic evening reception. But should you get a band or a DJ?

Have a Band

Bands add a fantastic atmosphere to any venue. The hum of the instruments, the amps and the crowd all add to a fantastic atmosphere.

Bands often play your favourite songs but with the band’s own unique twist. Guests will have fun singing along with the band!

Look at the cost, is a band cheaper than a DJ?

A band might have a set song list that they’ve rehearsed which would mean your 60 yr old Aunty Winnie can’t request an obscure Chris Rea song (nightmare!). You will only have the songs that you want.

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Don’t Have a Band

The songs they play won’t be exactly the songs you like, they will have the unique twist the band adds to it. That might not be to your taste.

Bands are often more expensive than a DJ. Not always, but the bands I looked into when booking entertainment for my wedding were a bit more expensive.

Bands don’t always bring with them the flashy lasers and mood lighting that a DJ might provide.

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Get a DJ

You will be able to have the exact songs that you like. Want On the Floor by JLo? They’ll have it! You can supply your DJ with a list of songs, guests can write in to request songs.

You can provide a DJ with a list of songs so that all the songs you and your guests want to listen to will be available, and only those songs.

DJ’s often provide all the lighting and entertainment for the evening reception and they’ll set it all up by themselves.

Venues often have a recommended DJ. Working with someone who is familiar with the venue is always helpful.

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Don’t Have a DJ

DJ’s aren’t going to provide the same atmosphere as a band. Nothing compares to live music, even if the DJ is really good.

My Choice:

I am very excited to be having a wedding DJ!

Not only will he play loads of fantastic music, chosen by h2b, but he also provides all the amazing lighting to add atmosphere and mood to the reception party.

He has a plasma TV screen to show photos from during the day (which my friend had at her wedding in Hong Kong and I thought it was a fantastic idea for showing evening guests what happened during the day!) and he also takes photos during the reception, if you choose.

Why I Chose a DJ

I’m not really a band person, and neither is h2b. H2b loves the hip-idy hop music which doesn’t really sound right from an indy band.

However, my cousin had a band at his wedding and it was fantastic!

My pros and cons for each may sound very negative, but if you choose a DJ or a band, either will add your personality to the wedding. If you’re a bit of a rock chick, a band will perfectly reflect your fantastic personality. If you’re a bit of a cheesey bopper, a DJ will play all your favourite dance hits!

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If you’re toying between a band or a DJ, I hope this post has helped! I think it’s best to book what feels right. Your guests will have a fantastic time what ever you choose because they’ll be celebrating with you!


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