Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cake Toppers

I Recommend …. Artlocke Designs

There are many different ways to top your cake. Often people put flowers or a spray of ribbon, but the most traditional cake topper is the bride and groom posed at the top.


Your cake topper will depend on your taste and your budget. You may ask your cake baker to make a cake topper for you, or you may look elsewhere for your cake toppers.

I searched the internet looking for cake toppers. There are lots of different people offering cake toppers, such as Novelty Cake Toppers, Celebration Toppers and Cake Decorations 4U. However, in my opinion, the cake toppers that are absolutely breath taking and stand out from the rest are Artlocke Designs. My little brother has bought our cake topper from Artlocke Designs as our wedding present.

Artlocke Designs

Artlocke Designs create the bride and groom wedding toppers using clay so that you can keep  the topper as aART1 (1) memento of the day. But the cake toppers can be far from traditional!

Artlocke Designs create personalised cake toppers. The cake toppers are absolutely beautiful.  The detail to the hair, the dress, the suit are just absolutely breath taking and shows complete attention to detail.

What happens is…

At least six weeks before your wedding, you send pictures of your dress, suits, hair style and pictures of your fiancé and yourself. The dress on the cake topper will be the same as your dress and ART2the suits. I think it’s amazing.

On the order form, there is room to ask for extra pieces such as your children, pets or something that’s unique to the both of you such as a football team you support or a sport you both play.

What happens next… 

You will receive pictures of your cake topper to check it’s all perfect before it’s fired. Then it is sent to you packed in tissue paper and packing peanuts to ensure it doesn’t get broken. However, all this is all included in the FAQ’s on the Artlocke Designs website.

Why I recommend them…  ART3

I searched all over the internet for different cake toppers and these are the best by far! They really  blew me away. The attention to detail, the size of the topper, they style of the toppers really captured my imagination and my h2b’s imagination. I am sure that our cake topper will look absolutely amazing, we’re basing our entire cake around it.

The only problem is that because the dress will be exactly the same as my dress and I’m a traditional gal, my h2b won’t be able to see the cake topper until it’s on the cake! It’s not really a problem, just something to be aware of.

I’m really looking forward to receiving the cake topper! It’s going to be fantastic!!

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