Friday, 29 April 2011

The Wedding Dress Diet is On

Must Lose Weight

Days to go: 11 months, 9 days.

The lady in the shop reliably told me that I 'just need to tone up a little bit’ while my mum kindly let me know, ‘You need to lose at least a stone.’

So, the wedding dress diet is on.

There’s an App for That

I’ve been using my phone to help me lose weight. There are a number of App's that I’m using:

IMG_1473 The three main apps that I’m using are My Fitness Pal, Ultimate Weight Loss Hypnosis Lite and Target Weight.

They’re fairly good apps and in combination they’re really helping me to think about my weight and exercise regime.
Target Weight keeps track of your weight changes but it’s important to remember that your weight will vary from day and your weight will go up as well as down.

I’ve got to admit, I was a bit disappointed that my weight went up after I’d got it down, but it could just be the time of day.
photo (2)
Ultimate Weight Loss by Hypnosis is fantastic! I’ve only listened to it a few times and already the thought of having a chocolate bar does not appeal to me and when I’m thinking of a snack I think of the bananas I have in the kitchen.

It’s mainly about changing habits to make sure that you’re still being healthy but at the same time losing weight.
photo (3)
My Fitness Pal keeps track of what you’ve eaten during the day and how many calories you have left. It also allows for any exercise you do.

It’s been telling me I’m not eating enough calories but that could be because I haven’t recorded them properly in the graph.
photo (4)

So there you have it. I will be losing weight until September when I’m going to get measured for the dress. I am hoping that it’ll work with all these supports and all the determination I have.

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