Friday, 1 July 2011

More Wedding Photos

More Must Have Shots!

In a previous post, I said that some of your must have shots are the following:

wedding photos 1

  • Establishing shot, setting the scene and mood of the album
  • The details of your wedding, which are usually things you’ve slaved over with a glue gun!
  • The getting ready shots, wonderfully animated and full of excitement
  • The lads! Remember, h2b is there too!
  • Your family, a photo with your dad or whomever is giving you away

Well, here are some more shots that shouldn’t be forgotten!

The Grand Entrance

One of the moments the guests will beIMG_7112 waiting for at a wedding is in the church or civil ceremony venue when the music begins to play, they all turn around and the bride walks down the aisle, arm in arm with her giver away-er, or even walking on her own. 

The excitement on your face, the bouquet, the dress! Everyone will want to remember this moment as you walk down the aisle to your h2b!

Hopefully your photographer will snap this picture without you even noticing! This shot should be natural and relaxed and full of all the emotions you’re feeling at that moment!

The Groom’s First Look

My personal favourite shot is of the groom turning around to look at his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle.


I think the groom’s first look is the most romantic, touching photo. It’s a photograph filled with love and anticipation. If your photographer can quickly snap this photo while your groom isn’t look so that it looks natural and as relaxed as a man can while his bride is approaching, it’ll make a fantastic addition to your wedding album!

The Reception Room

Once everyone has settled in the room and moved things, the reception room will never look the same again. To get the best image of the reception room, ask your photographer to nip inside and snap a few untouched shots.


I like these shots as they show all the effort that went into dressing the reception room. Even if you have minimal decoration, the elegance and style of the room will be something you will want to remember in years to come. A fantastic addition to any wedding album.

The Cake!

With wedding cakes costing inIMG_9086 excess of £400, asking your photographer to take a few snaps of the cake is essential!

Edible items of your wedding will either be eaten or perish, so having a few photos of these items to remember them are crucial wedding album shots.

Try to capture the details on the cake, the ribbon and the little details. If you have a cake topper, it would be nice to snap a few shots. You could try standing behind the cake toppers to show how they look like you!


The First Dance

The first dance is often the last photo in an album. It’s actuallyIMG_6154 quite difficult to take a good photo of a first dance as you’re both looking in different directions and the lighting is low. However, it’s a very romantic shot and ideal for any wedding album.

The DJ’s choice of lighting can often add an interesting atmosphere to any first dance and if your photographer can capture the lighting it will look fantastic in your wedding album.

But the best first dance pictures are when the couple are relaxed and happy.

Top Tips

One of my top tips for wedding photos is to make a list of all the shots you want taken on the day. If you have some special friends or family members who you really want to have photos with, make sure you make a list to give your photographer so that no one is missed.

More photo blog posts coming soon!

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