Thursday, 24 February 2011

13 Months, 2 Weeks to Go!

What’s Planned So Far

I think it’s obvious that I’m planning my wedding super early. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. I’m being charged the 2010/2011 prices
    Inevitably, prices go up because inflation and VAT increase. Planning your wedding, and accepting quotes early on mean that I’m beating inflation and paying for services at the prices I’m quoted at the time. Of course, some suppliers will accommodate for the price increases but the majority aren’t doing that. I’m saving money! Yay!
  2. I work, I don’t have time to rush it.
    I’m working until one day before my wedding and it’s a labour and time intensive job. If I leave my wedding to the last minute or try to plan it in a year, I’m just not going to have the time! Mum and I visited 15 wedding venues alone! Imagine all the conversations I’ve had with florists and going to look at wedding dresses and cars and so forth. Spreading it out over a long time means that I don’t have to squeeze in lots of visits, I can do everything bit by
  3. I need to save up!
    With the cost of my wedding coming in at £16,000 including a £2000 honeymoon, I can’t pay for it all in one short space of time. My dad is helping out with the most expensive elements of the wedding but I still need to come up with some money. Planning my wedding so far in advance, and having a clear idea of what I’m going to be charged means that I can save up!
  4. H2b needs to get used to the idea!
    My poor h2b isn’t very fond of marriage in general and it did take him a long time to propose (6 years!!). I remember, we were at one of his friend’s wedding when his uncle comes up and speaks to him in Chinese. This was way back when I didn’t speak Chinese and apparently he said, ‘You next!’ I was doing my polite I-Don’t-Understand smile which h2b thought I meant, ‘Yes! Us next!’ He didn’t sleep that whole night!
    Since we got engaged almost 18 months ago, he has started calling me his ‘wifey’ and he has started becoming more actively involved in the planning process. When we first got engaged he was reluctant to set a date but now he’s giving his opinion on invites, colours, clothes and even flowers!

So, we have booked and paid deposits or totals for a few elements of the wedding. We haven’t booked or paid for any of the clothes, we haven’t booked chair covers (which I almost forgot), we haven’t booked cars or any hair or makeup people. This is what we have booked:

We have got through quite a chunk of the services needed for a wedding! The catering and bar service is taken care of by our venue so we don’t have to worry about that. Mum’s friend is making the cake so that’s sorted. DSCF9458

At the moment we’re sorting out our invitations! My invites were an impulse buy. Of course, I showed them to h2b before booking anything but I just fell for them. We were at a wedding fayre just outside Dudley with mum. The lady, Sarah Lister, was at the front of the room and as soon as I walked through the door I saw the wedding invites I wanted! They were in the wrong colour but the sample she sent was just beautiful!

That picture makes it look like the invite is huge… my laptop is just that tiny! And by pure coincidence, the favour boxes I bought from Confetti match the ribbon on the sample! That’s very coordinated for this budget bride! I liked the simplicity of the invitation and I liked the colours. It is a bit girlie but h2b said that we could get these ones! We’re also having evening invites and orders of service made.

And I’m making an appointment to see some wedding cars, so continuing to move things forward!

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