Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wedding Books

There is a sea of wedding books out there. Some are helpful, some are not. It depends what kind of help you need. 

My Recommendations:

  • The Wedding Companion
    A ring binder folder filled with information and spaces for you to write your own information. I'm using mine to keep all my suppliers contracts, wedding insurance and printed out emails. Tanya's information is interesting too and provides a few hints and help.
    Buy it on Amazon
  • Bride Ideas
    An invaluable organiser, ready for keeping notes no matter how many ideas you have. It's a coil notebook with pre-set places for bridal notes. I find it really useful for comparing venues, suppliers, looking at different quotes and deciding on the best one to go with.
    But it on Amazon
  • Wedding Babylon
    A frank and honest look behind the scenes of the wedding industry through the words of a wedding planner.
    Buy it on Amazon
These are the books I actually own and use myself, but there are other books you could buy or borrow from a library: I've reviewed the books below, I think they're pretty good and fairly useful. 

Useful for keeping all your notes together:
Guides to Planning You Wedding
  • Beautiful Weddings: Hundreds of Stylish Ideas for Your Big Day - on Amazon
  • The Ultimate Wedding Ideas Book - on Amazon
  • Creative Wedding Ides (Everything (Weddings)) - on Amazon
The sea of wedding books out there, it's difficult to decide which ones to buy. If you want the most up to date information, the magazines are the best to buy. The books are nice to keep, to put with all your wedding things after it's all over. 

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