Saturday, 19 February 2011

Chat with our Coordinator

One year, one month, 19 days to go!

Had a really really really good day today!! We went to our wedding venue and had a chat with our coordinator-chat wedding coordinator. With just under 14 months to go, you might be thinking why are we going to the venue to sort things. We have plenty of time to do that, and with so much time to spare we might change our minds.

The reason is, we want to get our invitations made. We’re sending invites to our local guests in September but we’re sending invites to our guests abroad in July, to give them time to book tickets and things. This means we need to book our invites over Easter as I’m not sure how long it will take the invite making lady to make them, and we have to book a slot. So, if you work it backwards, seeing our wedding coordinator in February half term isn’t so bad!

We had a really good chat and he answered heaps of our questions. We went through the wedding top to bottom.

The church ceremony is starting at 12:00pm, finishing at roughly at 1-ish and getting to our venue for about … well we agreed at about 2pm including time for photos and travelling. It could be as late as 2:20 though… Then we’d have our photos and the sit down dinner, or wedding breakfast, would begin with a receiving line (mum and dad’s idea!) and dinner beginning about 4:15. The speeches to be at the end of the meal (sorry dad, h2b and best man!) followed by the evening do, which will start at 7:30, the first dance appearing at 8:30!

The coordinator also let us know about when our suppliers would be able to deliver the cake and the table flowers. He asked us about our chair covers which I thought I’d sorted but hadn’t booked yet, so that’s got me to think about that! I was thinking of going with posh frocks for chairs. More about that later… If there isn’t another function booked in the day before our wedding, our suppliers could deliver our things on the Wednesday before the wedding, however if there is a function the day before ours they can deliver from 5am the day of our wedding, which is fair enough. However, they recommend that the florist delivers the day of the wedding, but that’s obvious really. No one wants droopy flowers!

We talked about the speeches as well, putting h2b and Dad under pressure there. I think the ‘s’ word is something they don’t want to hear for a long time yet! H2b even dared to joke about how short his speech would be… We do not joke about the wedding!

We talked about wedding DJ’s as we haven’t sorted that out either, and we talked about the men’s suits as that also hasn’t been sorted. Actually… looking at my to do list, lots hasn’t been done!

Our coordinator asked us about the food we’re thinking of having. We’re fairly sure about the starters, we discussed the main options. We talked about the puddings too, and we’re all having lots of good ideas!

It was really exciting talking to the coordinator. I know our wedding is ages away but it was really useful to get timing and advice and all sorts from someone who not only knows how weddings work at our venue but also has vast experience of the wedding industry as a whole. Peter is so professional and friendly, I feel like our wedding is in good hands!

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