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Venues - Patshull Hall

Patshull Hall

Picture from Patshull Hall website
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Patshull Hall was my dream wedding venue. It's one of the first places my mother brought me to look at wedding venues. We had a look around the first time we went, the wedding coordinator wasn't in that day and we hadn't made an appointment.
The second time we went we did make an appointment, the wedding coordinator showed us around all their individually designed bedrooms, showed us the great hall where the wedding reception would be and we had a chat in one of the sitting rooms. It is a stunning, spectacular venue, and it's exclusively yours, for a fee. The banqueting hall is stunning with tall windows and decorated walls. It's stunning. The evening party takes place throughout the house, with the dancing in a room downstairs and the bar upstairs next to the banqueting room. 

After seeing this venue, with it's long winding drive and beautiful grounds, I absolutely fell in love with it. I went with my mother, brother and dad and they loved it too. My parents have high hopes for my wedding and Patshull Hall was just the place they felt their little girl would get married. 

So Why Didn't We Choose This One?
My family, minus fiancĂ©, outside Patshull Hall
With all it's many appealing qualities, there are two main reasons why we didn't choose Patshull Hall for our wedding venue. The first one is the dancing room. When we first looked around Patshull Hall the dancing would be in the same room as where the main meal would have been earlier. That would have been perfect, but due to fire regulations, the dancing room had to be moved downstairs. I felt that room was too small for our needs and although stunning, this was one factor that changed our minds about Patshull Hall.
The second factor is the cost. As it is so spectacular, it does have a price that reflects the quality of venue. Costs go up and down depending on the wedding market and the depends of the venue so I won't say the price we were quoted as it might not reflect a price you're quoted if you take a look around. The cost they quoted us was so far out of our budget the venue wasn't even an option. Coupled with the fact that the dancing room was no longer in the banqueting hall but downstairs, that swayed us to find somewhere that met our needs. 
I would heartily recommend Patshull Hall to any couple who wants the long winding drive, the old manor house and who has a large budget. The people who talked to us were nice and professional, the venue is stunning and it's licensed for civil ceremonies. 

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