Sunday, 27 February 2011

2 Wedding Fayres, 1 Day

2 Wedding Fayres, 1 Daymadeley

This isn’t a normal occurrence for me, it just happened that there were two on today. We went to our venue first, and looked around. We were looking in particular for a DJ and wedding cars.

The weddings at Madeley Court Hotel are quite good. They have a lot of service providers from Telford, Madeley, Shrewsbury and the surrounding area. If your church or wedding venue is in this area, this is the wedding fayre for you!

They had a chocolate fountain exhibitor, 3 wedding dress exhibitors, 2 DJs, lots of cake ladies, heaps of stationary and favour people and at least 3 florists. I think it’s important to see a lot of different exhibitors and to talk to each one. I chose all the suppliers we’ve already booked based on price and my gut feeling. Many suppliers offer very similar prices so that sometimes you really have just got to choose the person you think will provide you with the best service. connaught

Before we started booking our suppliers, we chatted to a lot of people at wedding fayres. I think it’s important to have a long chat with different suppliers, they can at least give you information about their particular area and give you an idea about what you can expect.

We tried a lot of cake, a bit too much cake really! One lady had made a chocolate orange cake which was absolutely amazing. Definitely cake people to remember! More on this later! 

The wedding fayre at the Connaught was an Asian wedding fayre and it was amazing! I’d never been to one before and it was very interesting.

There were exhibitors showing Saris, Bangra dancers, wedding cakes, wedding stationary and favours and one group of people who initially introduced themselves as a DJ but will later be featured in another blog post about Wow Weddings.

The Bangra dancing alone was amazing but the suppliers seemed really good too. There was also a supplier for Indian jewellery and an Indian caterer who was serving food and it was delicious! That’s the kind of wedding fayre I like, one that serves food!

All in all, a fairly productive day!

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