Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitationsmine

There are so many different styles of wedding invitation, it’s difficult to choose! The only way you could decide is just to go with your preferences and your budget! Some of my friends spent £12 on a beautiful invitation extravaganza, others have gone for a 50p per invite making it by yourself.

All the wedding invitations shown on this post have been sent to me, except for the one that h2b and I have chosen for our wedding!

Your wedding invitation is going to be sent to your friends and family, you want it to reflect your personality and your wedding style. This will be the first glimpse some of ann&mikeyour guests will have seen of your big day. I know I want my guests to keep their invitation  as a memento of the day. Wedding invitations come in many shapes, colours, designs and sizes and it’s important to consider how the invitation will reflect the style of your day. Your invite could guide the colour and style of the day, or the day will dictate what the invite looks like, or a mix of both.

Your h2b might think that choosing an invite is a relatively simple choice and all you carman&eddie have to do is make sure your names are spelt correctly, but of course we know it’s not as easy as that. The wording is important and you will want the invite to be something unique to you.

Also, your invitation should try to follow the style of your wedding. If you are having a posh, traditional do then your invites could typically be elegant to match. However, if you’re having a casual wedding, maybe abroad or on a beach a posh invite wouldn’t convey the right message about your wedding. A beach wedding, for example, is not a formal wedding occasion and that’s the kind of message you want your invites to carry. ceci

When we were choosing our wedding invites, we had to think about the font for the wording. Did we want a different font for our names? What font would we use for the guests names? Did we want the RSVP in a different font? We wanted the font to reflect the tone and atmosphere of the wedding, but also our fun and laid back personalities. Luckily, we chose a font that we both like and that was simple but what if you disagree? I would suggest this:

  • Choose a font that is easy to read – you don’t want your guests getting lost tryingcharlotte to find a venue or church that is difficult to read on your invites
  • Choose a few different fonts and if there’s one in that group that h2b likes too, go with that one!
  • Make sure the font reflects your personality

Choosing the paper is important too! My wedding invite lady sent a sample and I just assume I’ll go with that paper, however if your invitation maker gives you more of a choice you will be in a position to choose. Your invitation supplier will probably make a good suggestion for your invites and going with what they suggest will probably be best.

However, if you’re making your own invites, the paper and cardboard world is your oyster! If you’re intending on folding your invite, don’t choose card that’s too thick as it will wrinkle and not look nice at all. However, if you’re going with a postcard style, make it nice and DSCF9478thick and sturdy card. You have choices such as  tri-fold, bi-fold, single page, and others.  

Some people advise including a stamped addressed RSVP card. I am including an RSVP card in my wedding invites but I’m not stamping or addressing it. I’d be there all day and the stamps would cost a fortune! It’s definitely a nice touch to your invites if you can afford the time and money to do it, but it’s not a requirement these days.

Proof read, proof read, proof read! My h2b and I scoured the order form and wording form for any mistakes! I make heaps of typing mistakes, I would really have to check check check and check again any piece of work to spot mistakes. When you sign your order form you’re signing to say that what you’ve written is what you want on your invites. If there is a mistake on the form, you can’t ask your invitation making person to redo them.DSCF9485

Also, if you’re making your own invitations check check check them before you send out your invites. If there is a mistake, your friends and family are going to receive the invite with the mistake in it!

My advice is proof read, proof read, proof read!!

Finally, before you order your invites or the card you’re going to use to make your invites, check your guest list to make sure you don’t order too many or too few invites. I’m ordering sarah&beard 14 extra invitations just in case I realise there’s someone I forgot to invite or if I make a mistake writing the names.

I’ve put a mixture of hand made and bought invitations on the pictures so that you can see different styles. They are all real weddings that h2b or I have been invited to. Plus, there’s the invite that we want.

The closer this wedding of ours gets, the more real it seems. Planning a wedding two and a half years in advance makes the wedding seem like a far away dream. When we receive our invites all written and looking lovely it’ll really make our wedding really real.


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