Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Who to Invite?!

When choosing who to invite to your wedding, you may struggle to keep the numbers down. Many people may care about you and want to see you get married, however each person will cost you that little bit more money. It's finding that balance between having everyone you want to attend your wedding and making it affordable. 

I found this flowchart online, and there is an almost identical one in an issue of Wedding Ideas. I'm not sure where the flowchart originally came from but it was on a website with a translation into Malay. 

For example, lets try Aunty Hilda. Are either of you related to her? Yes. Will it create a family drama if you leave her off the list? No. Have you seen or spoken to her in the last year? No. Where you invited to her wedding? No, but then she was married in the 60's, so not sure that counts. Would her presence at the wedding make it more fun? Well... no, not really. She's not invited. 

It's a bit harsh and a simplistic view of how to choose your guests to your wedding but if you're really struggling then this could help. It would certainly help my h2b who wants to invite everyone he's ever met in his entire life! 

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