Saturday, 12 February 2011

Venues - Chillington Hall

Chillington Hall

Picture from Chillington Hall website
My Dad's choice of venue. We first saw Chillington Hall as guests looking around the house. I asked if they did weddings, they do and then we made an appointment with their wedding coordinator.
Before I continue, can I just say the wedding coordinator that we spoke to at Chillington Hall was just amazing. We were one of her first couples and she was brilliant. Professional, friendly, welcoming and helpful. She painted a wonderful picture of the wedding we could have at Chillington Hall and answered all our questions. She chatted with my dad and listened to our requirements for the wedding.
Chillington Hall uses a spectacular marquee for their evening receptions and large dinner receptions. Guests walk through the house to reach the marquee and what a sight they see. When we visited the house the owner showed us around and there is a large portrait in their largest room actually looks like the man who was showing us around! Well of course it was his ancestor but I thought that was pretty cool.

The wedding reception would take part in the marquee, and it is a spectacular marquee. It wasn't up when I went but the photos they had to show us were lovely!

Why We Didn't Choose This One

I don't want a marquee reception. I'm not sure why. Marquee receptions are lovely, although I've never attended one, I don't personally have anything against a marqee but it's not for me. Everyone has their own preference and that's mine.
It was also a touch on the expensive side for our budget. Prices you could be quoted may be more or less than I was quoted as the wedding market fluctuates.

My Recommendations
If you want a marquee wedding, Chillington Hall should be at the top of your appointment list. I will always recommend looking around a venue before you book it and Chillington Hall is well worth a look! 

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