Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Work, Life and Planning Your Wedding

Juggling planning your wedding with having a life and with going to work is difficult. You will need to meet with suppliers, have dress fittings, organise bridesmaids who each have their own ideas. Where oh where will you find the time?

A friend of mine resigned from her job because she wanted to have time to focus on her wedding. That isn't quite the option for all of us. More often than not we will have to hold down our jobs, saving every penny, while spending a lot of time planning the biggest day of our lives. Meetings with coordinators, in-laws and stressful decisions to be made can take it's toll on even the best of brides. 

I've put together some stress-easing tips to help even the most wound up bride relax:

  • Have a romantic date with your hubby-2-B
    Take the time out, one evening now and again after work, to spend time together without talking about the wedding. If your H2B is anything like mine, you will have to arrange this evening by yourself and inform him that you're going to see a film together, or for a walk or a meal or whatever you choose. Taking this time out to be a couple, and remind yourselves of how it was when you first got together, will add renewed motivation for planning your wedding!

  • Make sure you see your friends!
    And don't bore them to death with talk about the wedding. If you're anything like me, you will have to make a conscious effort not to talk about your wedding or bridesmaid dresses or hen do's when you're with your friends, but remember that socialising and relaxing with friends will chill you out and stop you being a stressed bridezilla!

  • A spa day!
    If funds can stretch to a spa day, considering the current economic climate, having a spa day with your mother, mother-in-law, female friends or whomever is best to keep you calm, is a lovely way to unwind and not think about wedding things.
  • Take a breather!
    When you start to feel stressed and start snapping at your h2b about how Aunty Hilda can't sit next to his best mate Bomber with the mullet, stop. Just stop. Put down the planning book, close the laptop, put down your phone. Count to ten and then do something else. You could wash your hair or clean the bathroom, make your evening meal or watch a film on TV. Do something that prevents you from thinking and stewing about the wedding.

  • Remember it doesn't really matter!
    If Aunty Hilda does end up sitting next to Bomber, it really doesn't matter. If it rains, it doesn't really matter. If the heal breaks on your shoe, it doesn't really matter. If the best man, when presenting the rings, trips and falls and pushes you into a swimming pool behind you, it doesn't really matter. (Check it out on youtube.) The reason why we get stressed is because we think it all matters. When you boil it down, all that matters is that you're marrying the man you love. Focusing on that fact will help you sail over any bumps along the road.
Remember it's all about you, and if anything does go wrong, it'll be a funny story to tell your kids in years to come! 


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