Sunday, 13 February 2011

Wedding Arguments

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My h2b and I had a disagreement! Well we had a discussion and the problem is that we both think we're right. When I tell our friends that we've bickered they roll their eyes because it's true, our disagreements are trivial. 

This one is about attendants. My h2b (hubby-to-be) is Chinese and Canadian so he's not familiar with your traditional wedding customs. Those north Americans add a twist to their weddings that makes them slightly different to your traditional protestant wedding. 

More about that another time. 

Our disagreement was about attendants, as I've said. H2b said that he probably shouldn't have asked his best man to be his best man because his best man is already married. When h2b's sister got married, h2b was best man because he was the only unmarried man that they knew. Traditionally, it doesn't matter if the best man is already married, as long as he is a man who is very close to the groom either as a friend or a brother. 

It's traditionally the bridesmaids who are unmarried. They are maids, which in the olden days meant unmarried woman, and also meant virgins! One of my bridesmaids is married because she's my best friend and I wanted her as a bridesmaid, and I'm fairly sure the rest of the adult bridesmaids aren't maids at all, but that was the olden days. My married friend should be my 'matron of honour' as this is what traditionally would be the married bridesmaid. However, the only matron of honour I've ever seen was my Aunt's friend at her second wedding. My aunt was in her 50's when she remarried, as was her friend. The matron of honour (my mum) wasn't dressed like the bridesmaids as one was me, and I was 10 at the time. 

I think that nowadays, it's up to the bride and groom to choose their attendants. Married or not married I think that's by the by. Personally, I might think twice about having an attendant who was divorced, but that's just me. If my best friend was divorced, she'd still be a bridesmaid, but if it was someone not so close to me, I'd really have to think about it. 

Bottom line is: it doesn't  matter if the best man or groomsmen are already married or not! 

So there, h2b! :oP

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