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Gifts the Bride and Groom Can Give

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If you prefer money or gifts for your wedding gifts, it's still typical for the bride and groom to present gifts to the people who have helped in their wedding. 

Traditionally, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom receive gifts, usually of flowers, and the bridesmaids receive gifts, sometimes jewellery. The mothers are presented with their flowers during the groom's speech and the bridesmaids may be given their gifts while preparing in the morning or during the groom's speech. 

Thing is, my h2b's mother is coming from Hong Kong and she won't want to carry some flowers all the way back to Hong Kong, so I thought it might be nice to buy her a Swarovski brooch. But then, if I buy my MIL a brooch I think I should get my mother a brooch as well! So, my mothers of the bride and groom will receive a small bunch of flowers and a small piece of jewellery. My father has been incredibly supportive both financially and with advice in the wedding that I'd like to buy him a gift too. I've spotted this gift which I thought was pretty cool considering that Dad is a gardener. And something like this for my FIL. It's not traditional to buy the fathers a gift but as my father has been so involved in the wedding I think it would be a crime not to get him anything. My best friend booked and paid for a weekend away at a posh hotel for the parents to go on together. That's only a good idea if your parents get along with your h2b's parents as well as hers do.

Typically, brides will buy their bridesmaids some jewellery, a necklace or a bracelet, all identical to wear on the wedding day. I'm going to this farm to buy my gifts for my bridesmaids. I saw Julia Usher who makes the jewellery at two wedding fayres and I thought the jewellery and the tiaras (which I'm also going to get) were just amazing.
However, my best friend, who got married last summer, gave us some wonderful gifts of picture frames and chocolates during the groom's speech. If you have an idea of something wonderful you'd like to buy your bridesmaids then do that instead. Or as well. 

Groomsmen don't always have gifts, however if they have made an effort for your wedding and been there for you when you need them it might be reasonable to buy them a gift. We are giving our groomsmen a gift from the personalised momento company. Our groomsmen are really involved in h2b's stag do and are helping around with the wedding so we want to show them we appreciate their time. 

Whomever you choose to buy gifts for, remember to buy them something they will use again when your wedding is over.

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